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Excellent experience all the way around at the Clara City Care Center Physical Therapy Services by Aegis Therapies.  I started therapy in the winter of 2017 for approximately 6 weeks to help strengthen my injured knee.  The staff is very knowledgeable & professional.  After having arthroscopic knee surgery in February 2018, I returned for Physical Therapy.  Always being greeted by name, a smile and encouragement has definitely helped with my recovery.  The staff has always showed their utmost concern and honesty for how I was progressing.  They explained in detail the answers to my questions.  The staff also has super positive attitudes which helps me feel confident about my progress at every appointment.  They also gave clear instruction of the exercise and sent me home with exercise program sheets to help me continue my therapy at home.  Their scheduling was very convenient & accommodating over my lunch hours.  A huge thank you to the staff for going the extra mile to help me gain my strength back so I can do some of my normal activities.  I look forward to power walking and paddle boarding this summer.  Thanks again

- Sue Erickson

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